The Vanilla Sky Tie Dye Long Sleeve Shirt


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Delivery times have been slowed due to COVID-19, USPS cuts, and the surge of online shopping.
If your Jake’s Tie Dye order has been marked as shipped, has been accepted by the post office, and it’s taking longer than anticipated, please do your best to wait it out.
Unfortunately I have no more information about delivery dates than you do. The only time I have the power to do anything is if your package is marked as lost or damaged. Other than that, I’m at the mercy of the USPS just like you are. I have had packages delayed, but they were all delivered safe and sound!
This goes double for any orders being sent outside of the U.S.
I will always do everything in my power to get your package to you. I thank you so much for your patience! ❤️
Regarding the 4X & 5X Long Sleeves: The weight of the fabric is 6oz vs 5.3oz like the other sizes. So those 2 sizes will be just a bit heavier. But other than that, they’re the same as all the other ones! 🙂
This is an example of what you’ll be getting.
All my products are soaked in soda ash before dyeing, that makes sure the colors won’t fade over time.
I combine shipping on orders with multiple items.
Check the size chart in the 2nd slide!
Tie dye is a unique medium. No two shirts are ever the same, and that’s why we love it! Each shirt is a new work of art.
All of my t-shirts are 100% cotton, my hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts are 50/50 cotton/polyester, and pre-washed, so color bleeding should not be a problem. Water temperature is not very important, but you should wash with similar colors just to be safe, and try not to use hot *hot* water!
Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
Thanks for stopping by!